Production at a natural rhythm


The production of spirulina requires extensive knowledge and dedication. Spirulina doubles in mass every three days and must therefore be closely monitored daily. At our farm on the banks of the Volta river, far away from cities and industries, we grow our algae in the most natural way.

Step 1 growing

Our spirulina grows at its natural rhythm in a highly alkaline environment in aquaculture. Because of our location near the equator, the spirulina has the perfect warm weather all year round and it gets more than enough light.

Step 2 filtering

The water is pumped out of the basin over a very fine mesh. This separates the spirulina from the water. The filtered water flows back into the basin.

Step 3 extrusion

After first pressing to remove the excess water, we extrude the green paste into narrow strings called spirulina spaghettis.

Step 4 aligning on drying towel

The spirulina spaghettis are carefully lined up on the drying nets.

Step 5 drying

The different nets are put in the drying rack and then go to the room where they are dried at a low temperature.

Step 6 sprinkles

The long spaghettis shrink as they dry. After the drying process, they are broken into small sprinkles.