How to use sprinkles?

Spirulina sprinkles are small dry green sticks. They look just like green chocolate sprinkles.  

If you mix them with something liquid, they give off a deep blue-green colour. It takes a while before the sprinkles are dissolved. The taste is quite special, but since you only need a small amount (1 to 3 teaspoons) for a daily portion, the taste will never be dominant.

You can easily mix them with any drink. If you don't feel like stirring or if you don't like a bright green drink, you scoop a teaspoon of spirulina in a dry glass, add 5 cl of water and in one gulp you have your portion of sprinkles.

How much to use (daily)

  • Normal dose: 3 - 6 g, corresponds to 1 to 2 teaspoons
  • Active lifestyle: 9 g, corresponds to 3 teaspoons
  • Intense training and recovery athletes: 15g, corresponds to 5 teaspoons

How to use

  • The easiest: add to a glass of water or fruit juice. Mix sprinkles in your yogurt or breakfast.
  • Smoothie lovers: mix in your smoothie or shake
  • The brave: eat the sprinkles 
  • The culinary: mix it into a salad or dressing


When you take it

  • In the morning: for energy and focus
  • After a workout: for performance and recovery 
  • Before sleeping: for detox and to avoid feeling hungry

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