Our story


Five Belgians and two French live and work with their families in Africa... 

The beginning of a joke? 

Not quite… It is the start of a brand new story.

ALGO-RITME originated from the shared passions of a group of friends:

  •   for the vibrant African continent. 
  •   for an active and healthy lifestyle. 
  •   for sustainable business. 

  And last but not least: for spirulina, the green gold.

Spirulina sprinkles

The Ghanaian climate and the banks of the Volta river are ideal for growing the purest, highest quality spirulina sprinkles.

In addition, the group of friends can now finally realize their dream of running a sustainable, innovative company while living in tropical Africa.



With the spirulina, ALGO-RITME can grow an extremely healthy and sustainable product. The goal is to reach as many people as possible so they can enjoy the benefits of spirulina.

But that's not all, the group will also contribute to the sustainable development of the region by creating jobs. ALGO-RITME truly has an impact on the lives of the local people.


The ALGO-RITME story is just getting started.

The journey thus far has shown us the prospect of a hopeful future.

Discover our sprinkles

Spirulina sprinkles are the purest form of an incredible microalgae. These sprinkles do not undergo any form of industrial processing - as is the case with powders and pills. Thanks to natural growth and our unique low temperature drying method, we can supply spirulina of a superior quality.

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