Our sprinkles grow at their natural rhythm in the unspoilt nature of Ghana. Resulting in the purest form of spirulina of the very best quality. Our spirulina is sustainably grown with respect for people and the environment. It comes directly from the farm to the customer.



Quality above all else

Our spirulina grows in basins protected by greenhouses. This method prevents outside contamination from insects, birds or rain. 

We are fully committed to quality, not quantity. That is why we grow our algae at their natural rhythm. The high quality results speak for themselves.

The location of our farm ensures that we have the ideal year-round temperature for the growth of our microalgae. 

The intensity of the sunlight also contributes to the quality. Our spirulina contains extremely high phycocyanin values, which is the unique antioxidant in spirulina.

Filtered water

To grow spirulina of unparalleled quality, water quality is crucial. The water must be completely free from contamination in every possible form. That is why our water first passes through four filtration systems: sand, carbon, membrane filter and reverse osmosis before use.


To guarantee optimal quality, every stage of the production process is carefully controlled. 

  • We work with certified laboratories in Europe to analyse our spirulina. 
  •  Our products are 100% traceable.
  •  We control the entire process - from basin to customer

Pure sprinkles

Spirulina sprinkles are the purest form of this incredible microalgae. Sprinkles do not undergo any form of industrial processing - as is the case with powders and pills. Thanks to natural growth and our unique low temperature drying method, we can supply spirulina of a superior quality

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Giving back

ALGO-RITME provides work for the local population with its production unit, in Ghana. Given the remote rural location of the farm, these people would otherwise have great difficulties finding a job.

We also support the local community and school in a variety of other ways.

In collaboration with UDS Tamale (University for Development Studies Tamale), we are setting up a project to combat malnutrition in two selected communities in Northern Ghana.

More about this soon in our blog.


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