Spirulina as a superfood for colds?

spirulina vs. verkoudheid

Hatsjie! The period of the year where colds are in the air has come again. The chance that you have already had a cold this year is quite high because a cold is the most common infection in humans.

On average, an adult gets a cold up to three times a year and in children it can even go up to ten times a year.

Fortunately, a cold is not a disaster, but an infection like that puts more strain on your body than you think. That is why it is best to arm your body against these infections.

Proven effect of spirulina against colds

Do you believe this? Because research* has shown that spirulina is indeed effective in the prevention and treatment of viruses such as influenza.

Spirulina slows down the action of viruses. This is mainly due to the sulfur-containing polysaccharide Calcium-Spirulan that is extracted from spirulina.

The sooner you start taking spirulina, rather preventively, the better the protection against a cold. Have you got it? Then you recover better and faster thanks to the intake of spirulina.

 * Source: Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 24253 (2016) doi: 10.1038 / srep 24253

It boosts your immune system

Your immune system is a complex system that your body builds over the years. The key to a healthy and strong immune system is a healthy and varied diet, which is usually the problem.

We often don't get around to eating the recommended daily allowance of 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables. We need it for the supply of essential nutrients. Fortunately, there are alternatives to maintain your immune system.

After thorough research by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) they recognize that the following vitamins and minerals have an effective supportive effect on the immune system: Vit A - Vit B6 - Vit B9 - Vit B12 - Vit C - Vit D - Iron - Copper - Selenium - Zinc. 

And spirulina just now contains all these vitamins and minerals. What's more, you get a lot more extras! This way you can naturally provide your body with the necessary raw materials for a healthy immune system in one fell swoop.


Spirulina is more than a gift from nature. It helps to keep our body in balance, making us less susceptible to certain viruses such as the flu or cold. 

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