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Spirulina sprinkles

The most natural all-in-one food supplement in the world: spirulina. The purest form of spirulina: sprinkles.

ALGO-RITME produces flawless spirulina sprinkles in unspoiled manner. Harvested in an artisanal way. Promoted by anyone who chooses quality. 

Try our spirulina sprinkles and discover your natural rhythm.

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The advantages of spirulina


Arrow right 100% natural

Arrow right From producer to consumer

Arrow right Ecological and sustainable

Arrow right Packed with vitamins and antioxidants

Spiruliwhat? Spirulina sprinkles!

Spirulina is gradually conquering the whole world. Not bad for a microalgae that has been around for billions of years. Yet everyone - including science – agrees that spirulina is the energy food of the future.

Everything about spirulina sprinkles

Pure and honest

ALGO-RITME grows spirulina in the unspoiled nature of the Ghana’s Volta region. Our spirulina is naturally dried, using traditional methods. This results in spirulina at its purest form: sprinkles.

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Skeptics speak

My cousin spoke to me about spirulina. I did some research and started taking spirulina daily. Since then, I advise all my clients to use at least 6 grams of spirulina sprinkles daily. I only get positive feedback.

Anthony P. - Personal coach

I discovered ALGO-RITME sprinkles through my sister. She recommended this dietary supplement to me. Since I started using it, I feel better than ever. I realy recommend it!

Martine S. - Mindfulness coach - 64 years

I need energy every day, every time. Since I take spirulina sprinkles daily with my breakfast, my energy level has increased significantly.

Bruno - Actor

I didn't know spirulina when I was a professional footballer. Even today I continue to exercise intensively and the daily use of sprinkles has now become a guideline for me. It gives me energy and I no longer have to look at less natural food supplements

Ivan L. - ex prof footballer

I study abroad and my passions are sports and motorcycling. Through family I heard about the ALGO-RITME sprinkles. I now put them in my smoothies every morning. I feel the difference. It keeps me fit!

Tom - student business school Madrid