A road trip to the spirulina farm


Recently we took a friend on a trip to our spirulina farm.

We left from the capital, Accra, and headed towards the Volta region. The goal: taking photos of our products and production process to share with our community. We also wanted to give an outsider a tour of our farm, which is located in a beautiful location next to the Volta river in Ghana.

Hobby photographer

We need a lot of photos for our website and Instagram page an as a small start-up, we have o do almost everything ourselves. This means taking pictures of our products, making videos of the farm, writing blog articles and so forth.

One of our friends in Accra, Bram, is a fan of our spirulina and turned out to be a hobby photographer himself. This happens to be a great coincidence!

In 2016 he moved to Ghana to set-up the IT infrastructure of big company in Ghana. The cooperation went well and he liked his stay in Ghana. He decided quickly to stay and to follow up the operational activities. He became one of our good friends and as such is helping us out with some of the photography

Spirulina farm at dawn - ALGO-RITME spirulina

Weekend trip

When we proposed to go on a trip to the Volta River together, he was really enthusiastic. When it turned out to be a visit to our spirulina farm, he didn't have to think twice. A weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city is always good and he could also see up close where our spirulina sprinkles come from.

Afterwards it turned out that we had an additional surprise in store. Bram absolutely loved our car. A Landrover Defender. The iconic 4x4 that, after 70 years of history, is inextricably linked to the African continent

There is always something to do along Ghanaian roads. The long trip to the farm was therefore also a bit of an adventure, especially in this machine. There are no electronic assists, just pure, real driving, and a good workout too

The Land Rover Defender has become the protagonist of our short video report of the trip.

Would you also like to see where we grow our super healthy spirulina? Check out the video below: 

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