4 reasons why veggies and vegans swear by spirulina


Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Then you have undoubtedly already come into contact with nutritional supplements. In the grocery store around the corner, the pharmacy or simply online. The choice is wide and a completely natural supplement is not easy to find. Fortunately, there is spirulina! A perfect addition to boost yourself and your body. 

1. It is an all-in-one nutritional supplement.

There are 1001 supplements on the market that keep your B12 vitamins up or boost your iron levels. A balanced and healthy vegetarian or vegan diet is of course the basis of a healthy life. But sometimes you have to supplement your diet with a supplement to get all the nutrients. 

Spirulina is a natural microalgae that is completely vegan and one of the most powerful food sources on the planet. One spoonful is already packed with vitamins, iron and proteins that you need as a vegetarian or vegan. 

2. One spoon = your daily amount of vitamins B12

Many vegetarians and vegans take in B12, but also meat eaters often have to contend with shortages. Spirulina contains more than the daily amount of vitamin B12. This way you can easily supplement your diet in a natural way with one tablespoon and our sprinkles are 100% pure and unprocessed! 

3. Spirulina consists of 65% proteins.

Not bad for a microalgae! As a vegetarian or vegan, you often look for protein in tofu and other industrialized substitutes. Quickly add some vegetarian stir-fry cubes to your curry or just grab that vegan burger. It's very enticing! However, not every substitute is equally nutritious and healthy. It remains an industrialized food and you can get your protein from other food sources much more easily. For example, one tablespoon of spirulina already contains part of the daily protein that you need for a balanced 


4. Your iron content up to standard

In addition to sufficient B12 and protein, as a vegetarian and vegan you must ensure that your iron content is maintained. Spirulina also gives a boost here. Note: this is not enough for your daily amount. But a perfectly natural supplement to add to your diet! 

The verdict?

If sustainability is of paramount importance to you and you like to eat naturally, then spirulina is the superfood you are looking for. Try it out yourself!